Keys Valley Baptist Church, 4393 W. US Highway 190, Belton, Texas, Southern Baptist Convention, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.
Keys Valley Baptist Church
Monday, March 25, 2019
The Church With A Mission For Christ

Sunday School

Keys Valley Baptist Church is a glorious mix of family-oriented worship and American-pride based membership focused on our Lord and Savior. We are firmly planted in the fundamentals of Bible study and education of all ages and spreading the word in the greater Bell county area through several ministries with appeal to the youngest youth all the way to the senior citizens. 


We have numerous classrooms and a nursery in the East wing for children's church and child care.  They serve the ages of infants to 6th grade children.  Our knowledgeable and genuinely caring staff teach kindness and love, not only for the LORD, but for family and friends through Bible stories and lessons they can apply to their young lives.


We provide an environment filled with growth and freedom of thought to encourage good decisions from our younger generations shaped by the wisdom of our seasoned members and teachers.



As our youth grow into young adults and face tougher choices, they move into our youth group.

Here they share the good, the bad, and all the life lessons they may face to spread those experiences to educate the group with God’s guidance showing them the path they should be following and the example to emulate for others around them, both in school and out.



Our Lamplighters Class is a diverse collection of adults of all ages, from early twenties to life seasoned members and friends. You will instantly feel warm and welcome. You are also guaranteed to suffer several good laughs from the antics of the group’s flavorful sense of humor. We truly believe when life gives you lemons, the Lord will always be there to help you make lemonade.

We also read God’s word and study his teachings which we apply to our own lives and recognize the impact prayer can have. We always identify those in need each morning on our prayers and praises board; our focus is for the coming week’s prayer efforts.


In addition to our Lamplighters, we also have other adult classes to choose from: a men's class, a women's class, and two more combined (men and women) classes - one specifically for young-to-middle-aged adults. Come and join us -- there's a place just for you!